January 18, 2018

Kar Wash with Koree

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon; I was on my way back from a tanning session. I love laying naked under the UV lights, it's refreshing. And it gives my skin a nice shade that a lot of guys seem to like...

As I was pulling into my driveway, I noticed that the neighborhood wives were all taking off in one car, there must have been an event of some sort, we'll never know, I wasn't invited...

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon; I realized that I hadn't had my car washed in a long time, so I decided to wash my car the Koree Way. I figured the neighborhood husbands would probably appreciate that. I was wearing a nice long sheer sun dress which was perfect for the occasion. I grabbed a bucket and my special sponge and I was in business!

The sun dress is sheer. You can see the outline of my body as the sun hits it. It warms my skin and puts me in even more of a teasing mood. I fill the bucket with water and suds, carefully bending over so my cleavage is ample and in plain view of anyone looking out windows. I can't see the faces from this distance, but I can feel their eyes rolling all over my body. It's almost as if they were caressing me with them. I love to be watched.

I spray myself intentionally with the hose, so that it molds my dress even closer to my body; my skin is glistening in the sun and I'm loving that warm feeling. I open my dress a little bit to show off my golden tan and long legs, I know the neighbors always look at them when they see me in a mini skirt. I might be the only woman who washes her car in stiletto heels, but I don't think they mind... I think a woman washing her own car is sexy as hell!

I bend over the hood of the car, knowing I'm flashing my derriere. I love the tease.

My body is getting warmer, as a nice breeze lifts my dress up exposing my legs completely. The water and suds are dripping down my body, like tiny little fingers caressing it. As I noticed that one of the neighbors opened his kitchen window to get a better view, I slowly unbutton a few buttons on the top of my dress and let the water drip down the crevice between my breasts. My breasts gleaming in the sunlight, on full display, for the world to watch.

As I turn my head around I catch my neighbor Bill, sitting in his lounge chair around his pool; watching, but not approaching. I know he has always lusted after me. It's a turn on... I take the hose to my neck and allow the water to stream down my body now, tingling in certain places, rinsing off any residual soapsuds. Bill seems to really enjoy watching the water running all over my body. I can see him follow as the water slowly makes its way from my neck to my breast, and down from my breasts to in between my legs. The water is cool, it feels really good between my legs...

It's now time for me and the residents of the neighborhood to go back into our homes and continue this fantasy as you will continue yours...

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