February 19, 2018


About me
By day I am in the corporate world. I have my assistant Giuseppe who caters to my every need and desire. I found Giuseppe on one of my trips to Italy, when I saw him I knew right away he was the one for the job!

I wear the black power suit, my schedules are demanding and I travel extensively. I need Giuseppe at my side to run the day to day tasks, but at night when I close the doors on the business day, and Giuseppe has retired to the guest house. I peel off my business attire and slip into the night. I enter my own Private World filled with fantasies and desires.
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I always keep a positive outlook on life, I am a glass half full kind of woman. I love to wake up everyday and have it be the best day of my life!

I believe a woman should always be sexy, I truly believe it is a frame of mind. I always wear sexy lingerie under my business suit, my jeans 'n T, even my gym attire! I'm serious! When you feel good about yourself it shows!

I go to the gym everyday, it's essential to my well being. If I can be there twice a day, I am. Keeping yourself fit is almost as important as feeling sexy, it goes hand in hand!

I always try to be the sexiest Mom on the block!!

Life is all about finding your own way, your own destiny. We all have that quality in us, you just need to dig deep and find it. When you find it, you strive for it each and every day.

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