January 18, 2018

So this is where I answer everthing! (well, almost everything...)

Here's what some of you had on your mind...

Koree, how can a younger guy like myself (28) get a date with a hot older woman like you?
First of all thank you so much! First you have to find one, when you do, donít be shy, just walk up to her and introduce yourself. Worst case scenario she will be taken already and youíll have tested your MILF flirting abilities. Personally, I think what is very attractive in a man of any age, is confidence. So, as long as youíre confident in your attitude, you should do just fine.

We all have our preferences, mine is younger men (sometimes, much younger than me). If older women are your preference, you should go for it 100%.

Will you ever be posing topless?
Hmm, interesting questions... I love to tease, that's why a lot of my shots are "practically" topless, but none really are. So far I don't have any plans for the release of any topless images on the site, but who knows what the future holds...

Do you think men in uniforms are hot?
Honestly, I think a man in uniform is irresistible!! A man in uniform is typically very well poised and at attention! He always carries himself differently. That is sexy as hell!

Do you like to wear leather?
Leather is a favorite of mine. I just don't own enough of it! Leather always puts me in a different kind of mood. It give me a feeling of rock n roll, carefree, sexy, naughty. I've been dying to do a shoot in Seattle or Portland in a Dungeon, in all leather and chains? Hmmm Maybe in the next few months, I will have a sexy fantasy on the site about Koree The Dominatrix.

Koree, do you wear thongs and g-strings?
At 52, I have to always be feeling my sexiest!! Nothing is sexier than lacy tiny thongs!! I love lingerie, having something sexy under my clothes is so important. It sets my mood for the whole day (if you know what I mean). The tinier the better. For my lady readers, if you're not wearing them already, go to your favorite lingerie store and get yourself a pair. You might need a couple of days to get used to them, but once you're hooked, it's for life!

Koree, do you always wear underwear?
Actually, I don't. That's when I feel my sexiest, when I can just feel my skin rubbing against my jeans or skirt!

Do you prefer men or women? Or is it both, but it depends on your mood?
Interesting question!! I love Men!! I'm not afraid of women I find them beautiful and sexy. I do shoots with women from time to time, you will see more of that in my Girlfriends section in the near future. I'm not interested in women on a sexual level, however a little contact here and there during a shoot is always enjoyable and playful!

Koree, your cupcake story got my blood flowing, I literally couldn't get of my chair for a while... But I can't help but wonder, are you ever going to cross that fine line?
First let me tell you that I am very flattered by your comment. I'm glad to see that the story had the expected affect on you. As per your question, I will not be "crossing that fine line". This website is all about sharing my thoughts and fantasies; if I give away too much, it's not the same website anymore. The ones that are looking for the other side of the fine line can easily find it on other websites.

I have this fantasy about this woman who "takes me" in her pick-up truck in to the country side. What do you think I should do?
Hey, this site is about my fantasies! Ok, ok, I guess everyone is allowed to fantasize a little... I think the only solution to your situation is to find a woman who drives a pick-up truck! I am sure she will be more than happy to "take you" to the country side...

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